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Real Estate and construction

CLARE LEGAL advises its clients on the legislation and the regulations applicable to their real estate projects, and deals with the litigation of the sale, the management and the construction of real estate properties.

  • Assistance in the negotiation of sales contracts
  • Pre-litigation and litigation procedure of tort in precontractual negotiations
  • Advice in "sales before completion" contracts (“VEFA”)
  • Advice in the acquisition and the sale of business assets, leasehold rights, commercial leases, residential leases
  • Drafting and negotiation of deeds of assignment, pre-contracts, notices,
  • Advice and resolution of litigation concerning the joint-ownership
  • Advice and resolution of litigation concerning the leases (sublease, assignment, renewal)
  • Implementation of judicial procedures of setting the rent for new leases and of setting the compensation for eviction
  • Monitoring of judicial expertise
  • Assistance during the delivery of the properties
  • Advice and resolution of litigations relating to the construction defects


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