Employment Law

CLARE LEGAL advises companies and their international managers in all aspects of individual and collective labor relationships, and assists and defends its clients in all contentious situations, including in matters of criminal labor law.

• Advice on the procedures relating to hiring foreign employees

• Preparation and drafting of special labor contracts (Fixed-term employment contracts, employment contracts for posted employees, employment contracts for managers or senior executives)

• Advice on the difficulties of non-competition clause and other special clauses

• Advice on the different events that affect the performance of the employment contract (illness, accident, leaves, transition from part-time to full-time working contract, transition to executive status)

• Assistance in the process of termination of the employment contract (dismissal, conventional termination, resignation, retirement), search for evidence, fixing of the dismissal schedule

• Advice on the management of global mobility, implementation of international employment contracts

• Advice on the implementation of revocation procedure and in the conclusion of transactional agreements

• Advice on the relationship with employee representative authorities

• Assistance in the process of corporate restructuring, in the determination of various possible strategies and their implementation schedules

• Assistance in labor litigation (disputes of contractual clauses, termination of employment contracts, harassment or discrimination)

• Advice on criminal labor law (harassment, discrimination, concealed work, working hours, employment of foreigners in France, accidents at work)


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