Sociolocial analysis France-Japan

- "French women... Japanese Women (News Digest France), Septembre 2015-

                        Septembre 2015, Viviane de Beaufort "Diversity and corporate governance" [TRANSLATION]
                        Novembre 2015, Aude de Thuin "Women's role in world economy" [TRANSLATION]
                        Décembre 2015, Christiane Féral-Schuhl "Women and human rights" [TRANSLATION]
                        Février 2015, Pervenche Berès "Strengh of conviction in European Dream" [TRANSLATION]
                        Mars 2016, Virginie Calmels "Passion of female CEO who restructure public finance" [TRANSLATION]
                        Avril 2016, Alice Pezard "Female judge who connects law and economy" [TRANSLATION ]


Pratical Guide to French Law (Keiso Shobo Publishing, ISBN : 978-4-326-40275-5


Law Articles

- A comparateive law study on the liability of Internet providers (France and EU) (JPO), 2021

Foreign Law Courier, France (Juriste, Yuhikaku Publishing)

                          - July 2014, "Particularities of Labor law"
                          - August 2014, "System of Commercial Leases"
                          - Septembre.2014, "CSR Reporting in France and Europe"


- Law & Technology No.65, "Fixed book and e-book price and 'Anti-Amazon' Law in France" (Minjiho Kenkyukai), October 2014

- Nikkei BP IP Awaness (Nikkei Business Publishing)

                         - June 2011, "Recent French IP infringement cases"
                         - July 2011, "Damages to be awarded in IP infringement cases in France"
                         - August 2011, "Ownership of copyright works of employees in France"
                         - October 2011, "Protection of perfume by IP rights in France"
                         - December 2011, "Remuneration of movie stars and assignment of neighbouring rights"
                         - March 2012, "Patentability of biotechnological inventions in France and in Europe"
                         - May 2012, "Presidential election and the end of the HADOPI"
                         - October 2012, "Droit de suite in modern and contemporary artworks in France"
                         - March 2013, "Patentability of software in France and in Europe"
                         - September 2013, "Progress of European unitary patent system and European patent court"


- A comparative law study on the actions for patent infringement (France) (JPO / IIP), 2011


- Introduction to French business law (Japanese Chamber of Commerce in France), 2010-2011


- French wine and trademark law (French Chamber of Commerce in Japan), March 2012