Panel Discussion “Animal Welfare in the time of Environmental and Public Health Crises”

On December 16, 2022, we organized, with four eminent specialists in animal rights and dietary transition – from diverse backgrounds and experiences – business manager, founder of an association, doctor specializing in plant-based diet and lawyer, a panel discussion under the title “Animal Welfare in the time of Environmental and Public Health Crisis”, to discuss the current law and politics relating to the welfare of farm animals in France, and the activities of French associations to improve the conditions of farm animals.

Factory farming involves multi-dimensional issues: health, environmental, economic and ethical. While 85% of French people say they are in favor of banning factory farming, more than 3 million animals are slaughtered every day for food in France. If the food transition is beneficial not only for our health, but also for public health and environment, dietary transition is not easy due to our deep-rooted habits and traditions, and the communication campaigns led by powerful agri-food lobbies.

This 2-hour video allows any public, with or without prior knowledge of the subject, to understand the ethical, social, economic, health and environmental issues of the current farming method, and to see what, in the current treatment of livestock, questions our actions and why it puts our humanity at stake.

Panelists :

Caroline Lanty (avocate au Barreau de Paris, ancienne présidente de la SPA)
Louis Schweitzer (président de la LFDA, ancien patron de Renault)
Sébastien Arsac (co-fondateur et directeur d’enquête de la L214)
Sébastien Demange (médecin et spécialiste de l’alimentation végétale)

Contents :

Presentation of panelists
Animal farming in France
Impacts of animal farming
Activities of associations
Laws & Politics
“Referendum for animals”
Dietary transition for health, safety and planet
Conclusive remarks