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CLARE LEGAL advises and represents in a wide range of matters, in international business operations and litigations before French courts.

We advise and assist multinational corporations and foreign citizens on cross-border operations and lawsuits, in order to secure their business and contractual relationships, ensure sustainable investments and protect their rights.

We commit to exercice a permanent monitoring of legal changes in French and European law, in order to deliver the highest quality legal counsel available.

We are committed to provide clients with closeness and responsiveness to resolve legal issues efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves in offering our clients accessibility in our technical expertise, alternative to the traditional corporate law firm practices.


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Animal Welfare – Interview with Caroline Lanty

In France, many associations fight for the defense of animal rights by rescuing the latter in shelters, while actively seeking adoptive families to offer them a second, and more decent life. Some of these associations have an annual budget amounting to several millions or even tens of millions of euros, and are leading legal proceedings against the perpetrators of trafficking or mistreatment, as well as lobbying actions with parliamentarians. Interview with Caroline Lanty, lawyer at the Paris bar, and the former President of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA).
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The place of women in corporate governance - Interview with Viviane de Beaufort

In France, the introduction of quotas in the Works Council by the Copé-Zimmermann laws has been emulated since 2011. France was a model on the subject for other countries, including Spain and Germany which have done this choice and others like Morocco or Canada who have questioned themselves. The implementation of the law has been followed by the government, and there is also a strong societal pressure. The draft European directive "Women on Boards" of 2012, which was quite close to the French model, has been approved by the European Council and Parliament on June 7, 2022.
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