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Intellectual Property / Art Law

CLARE LEGAL intervenes to protect, enhance and defend the intellectual property assets of companies and assists authors to ensure the protection of their artworks. The firm advises and accompanies its clients in art law litigation relating to questions of authenticity or copyright.

• Drafting and negotiation of contracts for the transfer or license of intellectual property rights

• Advice on the availability and management of IP portfolios (trademarks, designs and models, domain names)

• Assistance in the protection of copyright by providing proof of creation ("Soleau envelopes")

• Advice on invention or creation of employees, drafting of rights assignment clauses in employment contracts

• Advice on the evaluation and audit of intellectual property rights portfolios

• Assistance in pre-litigation procedures in IP infringement (seizures and emergency measures)

• Representation in infringement and validity litigation

• Advice on the purchase and sale of works of art

• Follow-up of voluntary or judicial expertise

• Litigation of authenticity of artworks (cancellation of the sale for lack of consent, liability of auctioneers and experts)


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